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Welcome to Year 2

Our main aim as teachers at Eastwood is to build brighter futures together. We hope that you find our website page both useful and informative. We aim to educate, inspire and motivate our young children so they can blossom and enjoy their learning.


Miss Saleem (Phase leader for KS1) and Mrs Jahangir will be teaching in Year 2.

Associate staff working in Year 2 are:

        Mrs Waters, Miss Hopkinson,

                 Miss Asma , Miss Zulaikah and Miss Sadia.

Well done to these children who have been nominated by their peers to have an extra responsibility.

We are extremely proud of you and wish you good luck for your new role.  

Junior Leaders: Mhd Abdul and Simran (2SJ) Izabella and Ramzan ( 2RS)

Sports Councillors :  Jeffrey (2SJ) Rahat (2RS)

Culture Councillors: Summayah ( 2SJ) Inaya (2RS)

Library Monitors: Marcus (2SJ) Scarlett (2RS)


Take a look at some of our displays in our classrooms

Spring  2 - In the dark 

English - In our English lessons we will be learning to write our own story based on the book Orion and the dark. We will be watching a short video clip of the Girl and the fox and reading the Nightmare Man  to gain ideas and inspiration before writing our own stories.  

Maths  - The topics we will be learning about are: Fractions and Measurements (money, estimating and measuring length, weight and capacity). We will be solving a range of problems so we can use and apply our skills. 

Theme -  We will be analysing Van Gogh's work and creating our own Art work using ideas from the famous Starry Night painting. We will also be finding about how things were different in the past and what it is like in the dark. We will be researching and comparing  jobs and lifestyles in our local area, farms and in Kenya. 

We are looking forward to see the owls and hedgehogs!

Science -- Living things and their habitats. In Science we will be exploring the local habitats and making observations of micro habitats and mini beasts that we find. We will be researching different habitats and identifying animals that live in the habitats.  By the end of this unit we will be able to distinguish between living  and non-living things and have a good understanding of food chains. 



A big thank you to Mrs Fletcher for inviting her sister Lorna and her hedgehog to Eastwood. We were all excited by this visit and it was a fantastic experience. 

A big thanks to all the parents who came to our assembly. Animoto videos are on the screens outside and in the front entrance. Please take a look at them. We are very proud of all our children. 

Spring 1 Our theme is Fantastic Fantasy

In Spring 1 we have learnt about fantasy creatures and we have read a range of stories about dragons, unicorns, mermaids and monsters. 


Our text has been the Snow Dragon. We would recommend this book because it is a fantastic book all about snow dragons, fire dragons and the twolegs. 

We have been reading, reciting and performing poetry.  We learnt a about a range of different poems: acrostic, rhyming, shape, haiku and other poems. By the end of the unit we created our very own dragon poem. 


Maths -

In Maths we have developed basic arithmetic skills for multiplication and division and have solved a range of problems. We have started to find 1/2 1/4  1/3 of shapes, quantities, amounts. 


This half term in Enrichment, Year 1 and 2 have been very busy rehearsing for a KS1 Performance - The Christmasurus. This show was fantastic and if you haven't read the book you should definitely get a copy.   Our main characters were Yousaf,  Aayan, Nikolas and Maryam. A big thank you to all the staff in Year 2 and Mrs Hargreaves for a brilliant and entertaining performance. 

Year 2 have produced some amazing homework again this half term and we are so proud of them. Well Done! 


In our Theme lessons we have discovered facts  about a significant event that occurred in 1666- The Great Fire of London. We have read extracts from Samuel Pepy's diary and have learnt about out what happened during that time and how people in London were affected. After reading the text Katie in London, we have been able to list and describe famous landmarks in London.  In the lessons, we compared what life was like living in the past to the present day.We had the opportunity to learn about fire safety and experienced what it was like in a fire engine. 


This half term in English, we have been writing diary entries. Our diaries include a range of descriptive vocabulary and we have included statent, questions, commands and exclamation in our writing. As well as this, we have produced some fantastic non-fiction reports on the Great Fire of London in 1666.


This half term we have been  using our addition and subtraction facts to  solve a range of puzzles and problems. 

We have learnt to:

1. Solve a range of problems involving numbers,  measures and quantities using our number bonds and doubles. 

2. . Add and subtract numbers using concrete objects and pictorial representations including a 2-digit number and ones, a 2-digit number and tens, two 2-digit numbers and adding three 1-digit numbers. 

Our homework for this half term

Autumn Term

Theme (Topic)

Our theme this half term has been: ‘Pirates.’ We have been researching about famous pirates and have been discovering facts using the internet and books. We have discovered many facts about pirates. We have compared two famous pirates Pirate Anne and Blackbeard thinking g about the similarities and differences. 


Pirate Day 16th October 2017 was fantastic!

During the day we took part in a a range of activities which included:

  • Treasure Hunt - In groups, we used i pads  (qr code reader) to find the answer some pirate questions.
  • We followed some challenging riddles the clues to find the hidden treasure which was hidden outside the OLC.
  • A pirate sing-a- long - We learnt a few pirate songs and learnt a few pirate sayings.
  • An interactive workshop - Mr Fellowes came in  and we acted  out the story of Treasure Island.

Take a look at some of our pictures from Pirate day!


Our Maths topic this half term has been all about the place value of numbers. We have been recognising, counting, ordering, sequencing and understanding the value of numbers. We have solved  a variety of  problems and used our number and place value facts to complete  maths investigations. Some of us have used base ten equipment to represent numbers to understand the value of digits. e.g 14 = 1 ten and 4 ones. As well as this every Friday, we have practised our arithmetic skills. 

All children in Year 2 must be able to:

Count in 2s,3s,5s,10 from zero forwards and backwards to 100.

Know their times tables for 2s,5s and 10s.


In our English lessons, we have been studying a book called Pirate Pete and have been learning about settings, characters and fictional stories. We have made predictions and used our comprehension and inference skills to find about characters.  In the lessons, we have been working on using coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. 

Coordinating conjunctions are used to links sentences together. These are : and, but, so , or. 

Subordinating conjunctions are used to add extra information. These are: when, if, that, because.

We have produced a character description all about Pirate Pete using expanded noun phrases and a range of writing features. 





In our Science lessons, we will be working with a range of different materials. We will be sorting and classifying materials based on their properties. We will be learning about recycling and why it is important to reduce, reuse and recycle materials. At the end of the unit children will produce a piece of writing to explain the process of recycling.


Outdoor Learning

We are very fortunate to be able to experience a range of fascinating outdoor learning activities thanks to Mrs Smith.   This half term the children have the opportunity to develop their skills in the following three activities which are:

  • Woodlands - To explore the environment and use everyday materials to create masks. 
  • Allotment - To know the names of plants and pulling out weeds. To develop drawing and sketching skills. 
  • Problem Solving - To develop our reading, thinking and problem solving skills to search for clues.  To be able to use QR codes 


In Enrichment have been using our creativity skills to design and make pirate ships, pirate swords, hats and other items.