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Headteacher: Mr W.R. Bairstow

Remember that school closes on Friday 19th December for Christmas. We will open again next year, 5th January. We hope you have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We had our own Nativity in school on Tuesday 19th December. Well done to everybody involved, especially Mrs Pollard. Well done!

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School open after Christmas05Jan2015

Newsletters handed out16Jan2015

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Ali(less than a week ago)

nice website love it!!!

Eliza Abdullah(less than a week ago)

hello!! I luv eastwood.. ;-)

Hafsa(about a week ago)

I am going to miss Mr Bairstow because he is going to retire very soon (hope he comes to visit before i leave Eastwood primary school)!!!!!

Page Cooper(about a week ago)

I think this school is absolutely fab I might consider my 5 yr old daughter coming here !!!!!!!!

Sahdia(about a week ago)

Very good website, easy to be updated .

Ali(less than a month ago)

very good school

Haby(about a month ago)

I was here 2 years ago miss the school already.

Rehan Hussain(a couple of months ago)

Hi sir I was in year 6 last year

Yasin(a couple of months ago)

I love this app Mr Bairstow

We had a Big Breakfast on Monday 15th December to say goodbye to Mr Bairstow. We also had our Christmas dinner on Wednesday 17th.

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